24th September, 2011

Time – 5:02 AM

Yet another weekend! Yet another drink-age(is that even a word)! For a change, this time with new people.  It’s the first time that I’m drunk with office colleagues and must say it was a nice weekend party. Ofcourse  it cannot reach the greatness of a party with my old friends but still it is a good start. Back home, I ditched plans with D. (I like labeling D to my surname, so let’s say DS). I’m feeling really bad about it. I never thought DS would be that hurt by my outing without informing him. Actually, I never get hurt when he cancels his plans of meeting up when he’s busy with things. So I kind of found it odd but whatever I don’t like hurting people close to me. They are as it is very less in numbers. I’ve promised to make it up for this but I’ve no idea how, let’s see.  I can only apologize and enact a few scenes from bollywood movies to entertain. Well, I’ll try all things in my creative arena to cheer him up when I meet him on Sunday which is already the day – Sunday.

As far as drunk thoughts goes, nothing’s been in mind today which is rather strange. Nothing significant of sort except for the fact that I’m in a place called ‘Kasarvadavli’ in Ghodbunder Road, Thane. Except for being too far from the city, this place is lovely. My friend’s place is an ideal bachelor’s pad. There is mess all  around in the flat and nothing’s in order. There are laptop’s  lying around, a camera getting charged, papers all around, unclean toilets, a guitar and more. The only room being utilized is the bedroom in the 700 sq.feet flat. Of what I’ve heard from him, I think Bombay is the ideal place to live alone or bachelor’s life. You can have fun here and everything’s available everywhere.

No, this is not the house. The friends have a black guitar, though this picture comes very close to where I'm right now

Tomorrow or rather today shall begin very late. First of all, I’ve to trek the journey back home which would be a pain in the ass. This place is fucking far. And then making plans with people I ditched today. And then drinking with them again. I don’t like drinking on consecutive days. That is too much of guilt to handle on a Monday morning. So in my semi-drunk state, I’m promising myself that I’ll not get drunk again today. I hope I escape the criticism I’m going to face tomorrow from all the people and have a good Sunday.

I just typed an entire line and erased it. I think I’m not that drunk yet to press the ‘publish’ key and regret it the next day. :)

So, I’ll save that for the next time.


- Bhavesh

Read Only When Drunk!

I don’t want to make this a ritual of sorts but this is going to be my second drunk blog. I’m not that drunk actually but a bit yeah. Another weekend, another ‘had-to-drink’ thing. There’s something about getting drunk that is fascinating. We do things we normally wouldn’t do. I think the only high that comes very close to the drinking high is when something really good, correction great happens with you. You lose your sanity and act like the way your heart tells you to. All those emotions and talk that you bury in the fear of judgment is let out. You express love, hatred, ego, jealousy – the way you should be. That is why we are so scared to get drunk. I don’t think the moment of great happiness comes that often in life and perhaps that’s why men chose to give themselves an illusion of this happiness. Get drunk and feel the happiness and high illusion, if only for a short while. It atleast makes you forget the worries you have for everybody else around. Your worries only die when you die.


I’ve seen lots of drunk people around and I think it is the time when people speak for themselves and their own happiness. Otherwise, it’s all about the other people in life. We’ve become so responsible of others happiness that we almost forget about our own. We forget about our own emotions. The world is so powerful that it even makes us feel in a way it wants us to. The burden of being civilized, being sane, being responsible are so much that we forget we have to also carry along our own emotions and live them too. Because at the end of it, its our life and no one comes to share the responsibilities of death with us. Live those rare moments of great happiness and for those other moments, a few pegs of great whiskey will help. We say we don’t remember what we said when we got drunk but we’re all lying about it. We all remember we said, “dude you know what, I wanted it to be done THAT way.” But we defy saying it. When you drink, and keeping saying this, you might actually take notice and start doing it your way.

The sanity of this blog shall be revealed to me tomorrow when I proof read this when I’m sober. But hell yeah, I wanted to blog and I did. I know my emotions tell me to do it every time I’m sane. I defy it because a lot of sober people read my blogs. Hell with them. Go get drunk and read this. You’ll get this one.


- Bhavesh